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GD&T specialists get asked all the time by engineers,
“What tolerance should I specify?”
Skid Steer-Fixture
Understanding the effect of geometric variation and deformation on the weld gap allowed our customer to keep the same design but re-tolerance the parts to be robotically welded at twice the rate.
Prairiefire has bridged a gap in simulation techniques,
connecting GD&T directly to design performance characteristics.
Visual example of NOT Sensitivity-Based Design
Visual example of Sensitivity-Based Design
We call it Sensitivity-Based Design.

Adding the use of GD&T variation to many other types of commercially available and custom analysis tools, we help you specify each GD&T
value and provide the engineering analysis to validate system capability.
Multi-physics solves GD&T requirement questions.
Design process chart
Functional model We see GD&T as a tool for guiding proper design, analysis, manufacturing, and quality assurance practices.
Constantly developing new simulations, we link together requirements, performance, and manufacturability.

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